Which are the NOM standards to import into Mexico?

How to know under which NOM standards products must be certified to import them into Mexico?

The Tariff of the Law of General Import and Export Taxes (TIGIE by its acronym in Spanish) is the basic regulation to classify the goods to be imported or exported, and to know the tariffs that must be paid. In addition to specifying the tariffs that must be paid, the TIGIE specifies the NOMs by which the products must be certified according to the Mexican tariff code.

For example, if you want to import a server with the Mexican tariff code 84715001, the TIGIE notes that the applicable NOM standards are:

  • NOM- 208-SCFI-2016
  • NOM- 196-SCFI-2016
  • NOM- 019-SCFI-1998
  • NOM- 024-SCFI-2013

However, this does not mean that the product must be certified under all these NOMs.

Once the applicable NOMs according to the Mexican tariff code are known, the technical specifications of the product should be reviewed and verified if they fall within the scope, specifications and test methods noted in the NOM description in order to determine what the NOM certifications are required to be processed in order to import that product into Mexico.

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