Looking for standards, protocols, or codes in your language? We have them! View and download NOM standards directly from the source and NMX standards here. Email us for other national standards and for standards in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, and French. Evaluate performance, safety.

Companies test products for a variety of reasons, to validate function, check reliability, evaluate safety, and to obtain certifications. Often, the certifications themselves are just about letting people know that your product is reliable, safe, and conforms to federal code.

Mark NOM offers a full range of product testing for all products and industries. To avoid costly failures, we test products before applying for certification. We test to provide assurance to retailers for products they are buying.

Our partner laboratories are either government operated or directly authorized by their home governments to test products on their behalf. We use no intermediaries to bring you the fastest possible service at the lowest cost. All aspects of our testing processes conform to specific protocols. Testing is carefully supervised and performed in highly controlled environments to bring you accurate results, the first time.

For companies new to a particular testing process, we offer guidance, standards, and protocols. You can produce your product to conform rather than undergo costly changes later on.