Our Expertise : Mexico
Normas Oficiales Mexicanas
Normas Mexicanas

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Which materials,
construction, and packaging
are required?

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Industrial Machinery,
Chems, Consumer Goods,

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Global Markets : Global Certifications
Selling in China? The USA? Brazil?

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Let Mark NOM be your guide to doing business in Mexico. We have a dense network of specialists and laboratories in Mexico and China, which allows us to specialize in NOM and CCC certifications.

​To aid your operations in foreign countries, we offer additional business services such as translation, trademarks, customs clearance, and third-party invoicing.

Our satellite offices give us the power and knowledge to provide decisive advice and push your business agenda forward.

Our team is comprised of local experts with deep business and cultural knowledge of the countries we operate in. We have market-leading rates and lead-times. Our aim is to streamline the process so you can focus on producing and selling your products.

Art Mark

Mark NOM sponsors artists through our Art Mark program. We highlight works on our site to promote interest in the artist and the arts in general.

Featuring: Margarita Georgina Posada

She develops individual projects in the field of painting and her work has been exhibited in cultural spaces and art galleries and festivals in Bogotá, Medellín, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Oaxaca, Pátzcuaro, Guadalajara, Campeche and Mexico City among others.

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