How long does it takes to obtain the NOM certificate?

We can obtain NOM certification for your products within 30 days of receipt of correct samples, manuals, and photos. Cost depends on the type and number of products.

Do I need to pay the same amount per model?

 If possible, you can add additional models to the certificate, your per unit costs will drop dramatically. Additional models are approximately 75% less (depends on the number of additions and type).

What is the validity of the NOM certificate?

 It is one year valid, and it can be renewable.

What are the Mexican standards?

Mexican national standards are used with some harmonization to international standards. Key NOM standards:

  • NOM-001-SCFI-1993: Electronic Equipment for Domestic Use with Input from Different Electrical Power Sources – Safety Requirements and Testing Procedures for Class Approval based on IEC 65-1985 as amended 1987;
  • NOM-003-SCFI-2000: Electrical Products, safety specifications, used in conjunction with NMX-J-521/1-ANCE-1999, Safety of household and similar electrical appliances, part 1, based on IEC-60335-1-1991-04; and NMX-J-524/1-ANCE-2000, Safety of Hand- held Motor-operated Tools, part 1, based on IEC-60745-1-1997-02;
  • NOM-016-SCFI-1993: Electronic Equipment for Use in Office and Operated by Different Electrical Power Sources – Safety Requirements and Testing Procedures for Class Approval, based on IEC-335-1976, and;
  • NOM-019-SCFI-1998: Data-Processing Equipment, based on UL 478, fourth edition.

Is the NOM number the same for an item from year to year?

The NOM number is the same each year.

Does the NOM process require individual NOM labeling of each retail box or is the NOM certificate sufficient?

Every box requires a label or specially printed packaging for Mexico that has the label info integrated.

Is the NOM certification process for online sellers vs. retailers?

All type of product requires the same NOM certification, regardless of whether it will be sold online or in-store.

Does the Spanish version of the manual/instructions need to be inserted in the box or can they be made accessible from a website?

By law, the manual must be inside the box.

For NOM certification do we need to have the entire manual duplicated in Spanish or can we get NOM certified using a Spanish "quick start" guide (like one or two pages)?

We can use a quick-start guide for the NOM certification. You will need the full version when you ship. (We can translate.)

My current box is not in Spanish. Does the box need to have Spanish to get NOM certification?

You need Spanish on the box. You do NOT need to reprint packaging. A small single-color label will suffice.

Is a repair center in MX required for NOM certification? Does your company offer service centers in MX or do you have contacts for services centers in MX?

Service centers are not required. We offer call center and service center support.

What are the NOM label printing and placement instructions? Can you provide those at the appropriate time?

We will provide a precise visual guide to all labeling details, including the actual labels and the placement.

Are the NOM regulations different for DI China, DI Japan, or FOB USA? We may have all three possibilities.

We will provide a precise visual guide to all labeling details, including the actual labels and the placement.

Where is the testing done, in the US or MX? Where do you need the samples to be shipped?

All testing is done in Mexico. Samples are shipped to one of our Mexico offices, usually in Mexico City.

Is a factory audit necessary for NOM?

No factory audit is required. The certificate is based on the product only.

What is the cost of the NOM certification?

The cost of each certification depends on the product specification and the lab tests required.

Can NOM certification be obtained without laboratory testing?

No, to obtain the NOM certification, it is required run laboratory tests to samples provided by the OEM.

If I have a foreign standards certificate, can I import into Mexico using it?

It is not possible to import into Mexico using a foreign standards certificate. It is necessary to obtain a Mexican NOM certificate.

How can I know all applicable NOM standards to my product?

All applicable NOM standards are stated in the Mexican tariff code used to import into Mexico. It is necessary to review the product specifications in order to know which NOM standards are required per products.

What is the cost of the extension of ownership?

The cost of the extension of ownership depends on the certifying body which issued the certificate. The lead time to obtain each extension of ownership is 10 days.