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Margarita Georgina Posada

ART MARK Margarita Georgina Posada ,1978.

She studied art at the Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá and a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts with orientation in painting at the Faculty of Art and Design of the UNAM.

She develops her work as a visual artist hand in hand with artistic education, promoting various learning spaces through art with children and young people.

She develops individual projects in the field of painting and her work has been exhibited in cultural spaces and art galleries and festivals in Bogotá, Medellín, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Oaxaca, Pátzcuaro, Guadalajara, Campeche and Mexico City among others.

Her pictorial work has focused on different explorations of space as an environment, pointing out her concerns about the city, the house as an intimate space, rural landscapes as travel stories and memories and industrial textile designs interpreted as landscapes that intervene through the plastic experimentation

Her research involves experimentation with different materials that can enrich her process of conceptual and technical research.

Margarita lives and works in Tepoztlán and Mexico City.


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