NOM Mark

Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (Official Mexican Standards). Our local and fully bilingual team, supported by several international offices, give us the power and knowledge to provide decisive advice and push your business agenda forward.

A NOM is known in Mexico as a “NOM” or a “Norma” (plural “NOMs” or “Normas”). NOMs are Mexican federal standards that regulate products that are sold, used, or transported in Mexico. These have the force of law and non-compliance carries fines and sanctions. Broadly these can be split into two general categories.

Textual standards relating to packaging, labeling, manuals, warranties, and any other text included with a product. This applies to all products. Compliance is mandatory, but not testing.Function and safety standards relating to specific products deemed by the government to be possibly hazardous to people or the environment. Compliance and testing are both mandatory.

The NOMs are extensive and varied. They certify that your electrical product meets safety wiring standards, that your “tequila” is in fact from Tequila and produced from 100% agave, or that your industrial waste is below maximum allowable pollution levels. Other standards, like the NMX – Normas Mexicanas (Mexican Standards), are voluntary. They are issued by nationally recognized standards-making bodies. They have no force of law on their own, but a NOM may require compliance with a referenced NMX standard.

Additionally, if you claim to meet a particular NMX standard or if a government procurement contract requires it, NMX compliance and testing become mandatory.