Our Mission: simplify the process, give you the specs, pre-test the product, process the paperwork, obtain the certificate, our range of marks includes CE (Europe), CCC (China), NOM (Mexico), IECEE CB Scheme 50+ Countries), we have short lead-times, clear billing, results.

If you intend to export to, import into, transport through, sell in, or use your products in Mexico, you must comply with the relevant NOMs. Mark NOM will guide you through the process and obtain the certificates you need to comply with the law.

Generally, certification lasts for one year, upon which you can apply for renewal. Sometimes the renewal requires a complete retesting, but often it is just a “check-up”. During the period of validity, the Mexican government surveils the market for your product and conducts random testing to ensure the imported product matches the samples originally approved.

Certifications costs are driven by two main factors, testing, and groupings. Some products require multiple tests with complex machinery driving up costs. Some products may be grouped with other products (e.g. a group of lighting fixtures of the same electrical rating and design) driving down the unit costs by conducting fewer tests on behalf of all items in the group. Our compliance solutions start at 300 USD per item.

Contact Us and see how we can manage your certifications. We cut out intermediaries, cut out errors, and run a highly efficient operation. We’ll guide you as you enter the Mexican market for the first time, or save you time and money on an existing compliance program.