Third Party Importer

Let Mark NOM act as the importer of record. Mexican law assigns the NOM mark to a specific product and to a specific party. The party importing the product must be the party listed as the NOM mark holder.

NOM certification in Mexico is both product and importer specific. The NOM must be issued for a product to the party that is the Importer of Record for said product. The Importer of Record is who will manage customs clearance. It could be the shipper or the consignee. Or, it can be a third party.

Crucially, the importer must be both a legal Mexican business entity and have an importers license (PadrĂ³n de importador). Exporters without Mexican subsidiaries will not be able to ship products into Mexico without having either the consignee or a third party import it on their behalf.

Mark NOM is a fully licensed importer in Mexico. We can act on your behalf to ship, clear customs, pay duties, transport, and warehouse.