About Mark NOM

Over a decade of experience in product business services

Mark NOM is a USA based product testing and certification company. Our aim is to simplify this oftentimes complex, time-consuming, and costly process. We have a dense network of specialists and laboratories in Mexico, which allows us to specialize in NOM and NMX certifications.

For the past decade, Mark NOM has operated as a private client consultant company, offering services to clients whose products have appeared on the shelves of all major multi-nationals, including prominent members of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 2000 lists.

We work with all consumer and industrial products, including aeronautics, medical devices, electrical, hydration, biomechanics, foodstuffs, and automotive.

Products certified by our laboratories are purchased by WalMart, Soriana, Chedraui, Home Depot, Costco, Bodegas Aurrera, Liverpool, and many other Mexican Retailers.

Our Mission

Comprehensive product compliance support. Our mission is to simplify the certification process. We will explain what product changes you have to make and what your packaging needs to say. We have short lead-times. Clear billing. Results.

We provide a complete solution for companies seeking product certification and related business services.

Though we are a global company, our focus is on assisting foreign companies to sell products in Mexico. The two biggest barriers to foreign companies selling products in Mexico are the Mexican laws covering product certification and importation of products.

These are compounded by a Roman law based legal system (as opposed to English, or common law) and by cultural and linguistic differences.

Mark NOM explains the law covering certification and importation of products. We work with the manufacturers to so they can produce products that are compliant. We oversee the testing process through our accredited laboratories and obtain the needed certifications.

We also offer translation and trademark services. For the most comprehensive solution, we test, certify, trademark, import, and even bill on your behalf. We manage the paperwork, so you can focus on selling and producing your products.