Certification Process

Comprehensive compliance support, simplify the process, give you the specs, pre-test the product, process the paperwork, obtain the certificate, our range of marks includes CE (Europe), CCC (China), NOM (Mexico), IECEE CB Scheme 50+ Countries), we have short lead-times, clear billing, results.

We provide a complete solution for companies seeking product certification and related business services. Though we are a global company, our focus is on assisting foreign companies with sales and operations in Mexico.

The two biggest barriers to foreign companies selling products in Mexico are the Mexican laws covering product certification and importation of products. These are compounded by a Roman Law based legal system (as opposed to English, or common law) and by cultural and linguistic differences.

Mark NOM explains the laws covering certification and importation of products. We work directly with the manufacturers to produce products that are compliant. We oversee the testing process through our accredited laboratories and obtain the needed certifications.

We manage the paperwork, so you can focus on selling and producing your products.

Mark NOM offers certification across many product lines and industries including chemicals, industrial equipment, consumer goods, medical devices, lighting, electrical, and food certification.

Certifications may be required by law or code. They may provide credibility of safety and function. They may show social and environmental compliance. Usually, there are a number of legal and marketing reasons to certify products. Consumers increasingly look to marks as a symbol of credibility and reliability.