Extensions of Ownership

Each importer requires their NOM certificate, if you are an OEM and requires a certificate for each of your importers, contact us to guide you in obtaining ownership extensions.

As of June 3, with the entry into force of the update of the annex of the Official Mexican Standards “NOM” (v2.4.1) one of the main changes made is that all importers must submit a certificate in their name to be able to Import into Mexico.

For all importers to have a NOM certificate and can enter merchandise from abroad into Mexican territory, it is possible to obtain an extension of ownership of the NOM certificate that they require to perform the import.

This procedure is carried out before the Certifying Body that issued the certificate and is carried out through a power of attorney issued by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or the owner of the certificate to the importing company.

It is not possible to carry out an extension of ownership for all NOM certificates, since there are some NOMs that do not allow it, such as telecommunication standards (for example, NOM-208-SCFI-2016) and some energy standards, such as NOM -031-JAN-2012. In these cases, the product must be re-certified on behalf of each of the importers.