In which cases can an extension of ownership be processed?

If a company owns a NOM certificate and wants to sell its products through more than one importer, each one of them should have a NOM certificate on its behalf; however, it is not necessary to carry out a certification process to obtain all the required NOM certificates.

To obtain the required NOM certificates for each importer, an extension of ownership for each importer can be processed. This extension of ownership is a copy of the original certificate, and only one different importer is registered in each one of them.

This process makes it easier for the owners of the certificate to obtain all the NOM certificates required for the various importers they use, since the process is shorter and cheaper than a regular certification process.

To obtain an extension of ownership, it is necessary that new importers be registered with the certifying body that issued the original certificate; in addition, it is necessary to have a power of attorney issued by the owner of the certificate, authorizing the extension of ownership to the new importer, and complying with the fees of the certifying body.

It is important to note that not in all cases it is possible to process an extension of ownership; since there are some NOMs that do not allow it, such as NOM-208 and NOM-031. In these cases, if it is required to process a certificate for a new importer, it is necessary to carry out a complete certification process.

If you need to process one or more extensions of ownership for your Mexican importers, do not hesitate to contact us. Remember that Mark NOM is your guide for doing business in Mexico.

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