When is it required to comply with NOM-029?

In addition to requiring NOM-001 certification, all external power supplies that are sold separately in Mexico require a certification known as NOM-029.

A NOM-029 certification ensures that Mexico’s energy efficiency standards have been met. NOM-029 is sometimes referred to more completely as NOM-029 ENER-2017, as it was last updated in 2017 (with an effective date of April 2018).

However, if a power supply (such as a charging cord for a cell phone) is packaged and sold as an accessory along with the main product, then it does not need additional NOM-029 certification. In that case, the cord is covered by the phone’s overall certification.

When it is needed, a NOM-029 certification is obtained through test evaluation. It is applicable for all power supplies intended to convert electrical voltage from alternating current (AC) to a single level of voltage or direct current (DC), with a maximum output power of 250W or less.

Power supplies that allow switching to manual output voltage levels, independent from the product, also require testing and certification.

NOM-029 is not applicable in some instances. If your electronic device was previously approved under NOM-019-SCFI-1997 or NOM-001-SCFI-1993, its power supply will not require the additional certification of NOM-029.

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