NOM Certificate mid-term follow-up test. What is it?

Most of the NOM certificates are valid for one year, during this period the certifying body performs two verifications to the certified products in order to verify the compliance with the NOM standards registered in the certificate.

This review is carried out in the fifth month of the certificate validity and is carried out in the facility that is specified at the time of issuing the certificate; usually, it is carried in the importer’s facility.

In this verification, the certifying body will be responsible for verifying that all commercial product information (user manual, labeling, warranty) is identified and in Spanish; in addition, the samples chosen by the certifying body require laboratory tests again.

This review is very important, since if the certifying body finds any inconsistency, it may cancel the certificate at the time.

We explain you the steps that are followed in this review:

  • The follow-up starts with the visit of an engineer of the certifying body to the facility.
  • The engineer picks any of the products and reviews the compliance of the NOM standards and verify labels and manual.
  • If anything is missing or wrong, the certificate is annulled at the moment.
  • If everything is ok, the sample is sealed with a special tape and delivered to the facility manager.
  • The sample must be delivered to the lab for running again the tests required.
  • The results of the tests must be delivered to the certifying body.
  • The certifying body will deliver the decision to the facility manager.

In Mark NOM we can help you to carry out this process in our facility, we will check that the samples meet the requirements indicated before the tests are carried out. Contact us to support you to fulfill all the requirements during the validity of your NOM certificates.

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